Company profile/公司简介


StoneArt China Co.,LTD.,devoted to the intergration of stone resources,currently affiliates. StoneArt China (Shuitou) Co.,LTD. and StoneArt China Mining Co.,LTD. The company has been proven by time and formed its unique all-round operation mode that includes mining, process-ing trade and marketing.
StoneArt China Mining Co.,LTD. is committed to the integration of marble mines in China and currently has its own marble quarries. With extensive cooperative relationship with major marble quarries in China, we are consistently discovering and expanding new marble resourc-es in China . StoneArt China (Shuitou) Co., LTD. is a company that integrates processing and marketing and focuses on product quality to bring supreme services to customers.
We feature masterful talents with decades of experience in raw marble stones, hardworking and passionate stone purchasers, quality inspection and marketing teams. We expect to offer you our services and give you a hand in your booming business